IFL Ventures would like to congratulate the shareholders of AiRE, a Brisbane-based prop-tech firm, on its successful sale to CoreLogic, an independent property data and analytics provider.

AiRE was established in 2017 by co-founders Ian Campbell and Sarah Bell. It specialises in AI-driven lead identification and nurture solutions for the real estate industry. With more than 4,000 real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand using the company’s digital lead generation and nurturing ‘assistant’ RiTA, AiRE allows professionals to grow their business in a more productive way through hyper-personalised conversations.

The founders of AiRE were seeking a new owner for the business to expand its reach, access additional resources and enhance RiTA’s functionality. IFL Ventures identified a well-suited acquiror, CoreLogic, which is a USA-based provider of property information, analytics, data-enabled software platforms and services for the real estate sector.

The sale will enable CoreLogic’s real estate partners to identify and leverage actionable leads while at the same time streamlining business performance through data, technology and the advanced capabilities of machine learning and AI. RiTA will be a complementary solution in CoreLogic’s growing suite of offerings to the real estate industry which include its new lead generation tools and digital proposal solutions. CoreLogic is an ideal and natural new home for AiRE.

IFL Ventures advised the shareholders of AiRE on the transaction.